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HealthStyle’s comprehensive health promotion & disease prevention programs are industry leading. Being one of the most effective change programs available, HealthStyle feels new, cutting-edge, fun and enticing to the workforce. HealthStyle builds upon (not duplicates) existing systems and infrastructure within your organisation to take your company performance to the next level, reduce absenteeism and injury and ultimately improve the health of Australian.

HealthStyle successfully integrates OHS, injury management and health promotion in a cost-effective and sustainable strategy.

HealthStyle: Comprehensive Workplace Health Programs
  • Promotes and supports improvements to employees’ health and fitness
  • Integrates with injury prevention by engaging and involving the entire workforce in the safety and prevention process
  • Integrates with existing WHS systems to ensure occupational AND personal risk factors are addressed.
With HealthStyle, you get a 3 for 1 deal:
  1. Individual change program, to reach all employees, including those at highest risk of health problems. The individual change strategies help employees to identify personal health risk factors, and motivate and support them to change and sustain habits for good health. Employees are given health messages and resources tailored to each individual’s ‘readiness to change’.
  2. Teams change program, to build communication and support within work teams
  3. Organisational and environmental change program, to create a more supportive work and home environment to reinforce and sustain healthy change within the workforce

Features of HealthStyle programs include:

  1. construction_workerAn ‘ecological’ health model that includes three programs in one: HealthStyle combines an individual-level behaviour change program, a teams-based education and culture change program, and an organization-wide and community-level environmental change program.
  2. Industry-tailored programs: Research shows that programs tailored to suit your industry are more effective than traditional health promotion programs. An industry-tailored program fits your industry culture and achieves high participation. Furthermore, HealthStyle takes time to learn the safety and performance standards that apply to the industry in which your company competes. Your program is tailored to give your company a competitive advantage over others within your industry.
  3. Chronological staging: Delivery of each component of an HealthStyle program is timed to move your employees through the stages of ‘readiness to change’ from ‘not thinking of changing’, to ‘thinking about changing’, to ‘attempting to change’, and ultimately, to ‘creating a new health and safety habit’.
  4. Proactive recruitment and 100% participation: Because it is a systems-based program, HealthStyle fits seamlessly with your company’s operations and reaches 100% of your workforce. This differs significantly from traditional health programs that rely on voluntary, passive recruitment.
  5. Adult learning and social change: HealthStyle strategies are guided by proven principles for adult learning, community empowerment, and organizational change. For example, the program begins with a promise to your workforce “No dos and don’ts. No shoulds and shouldn’ts.” From the outset, your employees will sense that the program is different, non-judgemental, and deserving of their trust.
  6. Real-time client reports at your finger tips: HealthStyle’s Information Management System provides your company with access to user-friendly program updates cleaned and ready for presentation to WHS committees and management. Reports compare your company profile with national norms and industry standards, where they exist.

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