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We are a Corporate Health company, passionate about working with Australians so that the way they eat, move, sleep and smile enable them to thrive. To do that we focus on doing two things really, really well. It’s what set’s us, and our programs apart.

1. Strategic Design & Support


Unique to HealthStyle, is our Foundation Principles for promoting Health at Work. They allow us to work with you, building sustainable & supportive infrastructure to drive health improvement into the future.

We use these Principles to build support for the program, understand the environments impact on health, design sustainable strategy & build health promoting capabilities from within your organisation.

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2. Health Improvement Programs

Health presentation

We design and deliver behaviour change, health improvement and disease prevention programs and services that achieve real outcomes for all involved. In other words, effective, proven, evidence-based programs that help participants improve the way they eat, move, sleep & smile.

These programs don’t sit on a shelf and collect dust. Our model for the research, design and implementation of our programs ensures they are specific to your people, your industry & your needs.

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A workplace Mental Health Program

The Mind Your Mood program

Tired Or Stressed Businessman Sitting On The Walkway In The CityThe  Mind Your Mood program is an evidence-based mental health program that has demonstrated sustainable, positive impact on both the productivity of our partners and the quality of life of their workforce.

The program is built on the latest, proven research along with our own applied research. Each program that we deliver is customised for the individual business taking your specific needs into account. The program leverages three levels of influence to ensure true organisational change is realised:

1: Healthy Organisation 2: Healthy Leadership 3: Healthy, Resilient Workers

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Managing work, health & home

The ADAPT program

Father and school-girl working form home, telework and e-learninNever before have the boundaries between home, work and health been so tested. As these complex times continue to disrupt the way we work, the way we connect at work, socially & at home along with the added stressors associated with current public health, employment and financial crisis, employee health is likely to be challenged more than ever before.

The Adapt program aims to provide a targeted solution that enables organisations to support their people to manage their health in the face of these challenges. The Adapt program is a virtual solution that delivers team education and capability building along with individual coaching & support while still leveraging the interpersonal factors most important in wellbeing programs.

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Proven benefits

HealthStyle in Action

We are proud of our results. We have been privileged to play our part in a number of leading, award-winning programs within the corporate health arena. Below are some examples:

Building a healthier workforce

Wellness programs

Industry-specific, integrated and 100% tailored programs designed to capture, identify and address health-related factors affecting the overall performance of your employees.

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