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Strategic Design

Getting the “how” above the “what”

Through partnership, we design, implement & evaluate workplace wellness strategies. This is what gets high risk participants to participate, whilst supporting those who are low risk, remain healthy.

Unique to HealthStyle, is our Foundation Principles for promoting Health at Work. These principles are your “how to” manual when it comes to putting the pieces of a successful wellness framework together.


These principles underpin award winning programs and ensure that wellness is a sustainable, integrated, business as usual human and organisation performance strategy. When strategically combined, they can build a highly effective, organisationally specific, integrated wellness strategy from the ground up. Key examples within our “Strategic Solutions” offering include:

Program Maturity Profile


The first thing people think of when it comes to workplace wellness program is what do we do. Yet, often the “how” is more important. Overall, and within each Foundation Principle, our tools will quantify the effectiveness of your approach, and allows us to identify key areas for improvement over time.

The Maturity Profiler audits your organisations capabilities, infrastructure, leadership support and physical & cultural environment against our best practice principles. It will tell you how you’re travelling or where to start.

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Corporate Health Profile


graph_smallEvery organisation needs a starting point. A benchmark in order to map the way when it comes to the most pressing needs of an organisations health, wellness & productivity. That’s where HealthStyle’s Corporate Health Profiler becomes essential.

Using our powerful data management system, we can quickly survey your people using customised or generic tools to provide you with instant access to reports, to the people who need them most within your organisation.

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The environment is extremely powerful when it comes to human behaviour. Often, the greatest gains, when it comes to wellness, can be achieved through modification of the physical environment, or by addressing organisational practices & procedures known to influence employee health and behaviour.

Yet this avenue of influence is often missed…

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Corporate Health Plan

Strategy Development Goal Marketing Vision Planning Business ConThis is the what, how and by whom. Your Corporate Health Plan lays out the year ahead. It combines all avenues of influence (environmental, individual, policy, cultural) and aligns with your corporate health plan. It allows for areas of high risk to be prioritised whilst ensuring equity is maintained across the business.

The Corporate Health Plan is more than a calendar of events that aligns to key public health events. It’s a strategic document that outlines how well being will contribute to the performance of the organisation and most importantly, how those improvements will be pursued.

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Advisory Group Support

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One of the biggest challenges of any corporate wellness program is the work involved in administering such an initiative. Successful programs are rarely run by just one person. A passionate, diverse and clearly defined Advisory Group is often the secret ingredient.

We will support you in recruiting a group of people who are are passionate & capable. We will work with you on defining their mission and operating principles along with training and education in the science and art of human behaviour and habit formation.

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